Your Coalition Doesn't Have Any POWER, Jim!

While I was working as VP of Public Affairs for the company to which the Reagan Administration had licensed the Peacekeeper Missile technology for commercial launch, Al Gore’s chief counsel for science told me “Your coalition doesn’t have any POWER, Jim!” in response to my asking for his help in reigning in NASA’s violation of the intent of the Launch Services Commercial Act of 1990. This is a video of some MIRVs reentering from space to strike the ground from a Peacekeeper missile test.

This is an overview of the Peacekeeper system:

It’s “Stage-0” was actually a stage – a steam cannon.

Prior to my adventures in commercializing space at the sacrifice of a prospective marriage, I had worked in the same building with guys at SAIC – many of whom were deprived of anything remotely like a normal family – including a bugs and gas guy – a rather lonely guy… whose marriage fell apart…

My response to Federal lawlessness was not to exercise the power that I actually had, but to withdraw from politics entirely until I was, once again, conned into politics by “Libertarians” like Ron “A Border Wall Is A Potential Berlin Wall” Paul.

It is one thing to make a mockery of the sacrifice of bloodlines by infantry who come back from foreign wars damaged goods, by the empty bromide “Thank you for your service!” It is quite another to mock men who put the technology in their hands as “INCELS” the way the USAF now does in describing INCELS as a primary threat to national security.

“My spirit will not always strive…”


Tim Cook’s hand gestures have it. I mean, ask any rich guy like Elon Musk, Scott Adams, Tim Cook, Sergy Brin, Larry Page, Larry Ellison, Bill Gates, etc. etc. etc. and they’ll tell you: The US gene pool’s IQ is being destroyed by a failure to invest in “education”. Oh, sorry, genes don’t matter (insert hand gestures).


“It’s got electrolytes.”