Zipline—Direct Package Delivery by Battery-Powered Drone

Here is more about Zipline International Inc., which says that as of September 2023 its drones have made more than 750,000 deliveries and flown more than 64 million kilometres autonomously. Here is the company’s Web site, where the following status display may be seen.


The “hear and avoid” scheme for avoiding collisions is particularly clever—I wonder how well it works vs. obstacles such as tall cranes operating near where it’s making low-level drops.


Can’t say it’s the same company, but someone here in Dallas is exploring the concept of remote grocery shopping with drone delivery. The idea is that you make up your shopping list, which gets picked up and placed in a drone delivery “vehicle”, then flown to your doorstep. There is a weight limit that a drone can carry, but the company, at least initially claims, it will only charge you once, even if it needs to send s couple drones to your home to deliver your whole order. The drone they had in the store to show was fairly large as recreational drones go, but not all that big when viewing the overall assortment of drones out there (military included).


All I can say is that, given the state’s present “equity” ethos, the future will consist of drones delivering processed, GMO bugs to domesticated drones - formerly known as citizens - in their “15-minute” cities. In an alternate urban reality, delivery will be unnecessary, as the plebs will be encouraged to simply steal what they want.


I just discovered that one of Action Lab’s regular sponsors, a mental health care company, has privacy protection issues:

I commented on this Youtube post with that link, and was censored in just a few minutes.

I just dropped my subscription to the channel. ):