Benjamin Netanyahu on War, Peace, Democracy, Innovation, and Artificial Intelligence


The thing that triggered me to start thinking about “The Jewish Question” was the reaction to my reaction to having been in some measure responsible for the Launch Services Purchase Act of 1990:

A Net Asset Tax Based On The Net Present Value Calculation and Market Democracy

Hence my response to Netanyahu encapsulates that reaction.

It will take a small country that is actually as serious as Israel about addressing the impact of technological civilization on TFR to pass a reform like that. If Israel did, it would truly qualify as “A Light Unto The Nations” and do an enormous favor to the Jewish people – despite the attitude of most of their elites to the reform – far more than the 200+ Holocaustian Movies.

See My Historic Perspective On Musk’s Purchase of Twitter


The link on your net asset tax is 1 of 7. I cannot figure out how to get to the other parts 2 - 7.

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The full text is at:

And I have corrected the link in my prior comment accordingly.

Google really did a number on the history of the Internet, didn’t they?

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Thank you for the link. If you don’t mind, I have a couple questions to see if I understand.

An estimate of US private assets is 155 trillion. Interest on debt is roughly 2 percent. So tax receipts under NAT would be 3.1 trillion given the assumption that the numbers I stated are correct. Is that a reasonable understanding of estimating tax receipts?

Let’s look at the stocks asset class using Google as an example. Google is valued at roughly 1.7 trillion. The tax on this asset would be 34 billion. Google paid about 980 million in taxes. So with no double taxation, the owners of google stock would need to pay taxes for the difference… about 33 billion. Basically the full boat for estimating purposes. Thus at 125 per share, the owner is responsible for 2.5.

That NFT collection of cryptopunks or other trumped up, pumped up bs “investment” would actually have to prove useful or get valued at its true value.

Good idea. Would take an amendment, but I would support it over the current system.


That sounds about right. I used yahoo/finance’s figure of $225T in my 12/29/2021 video describing [the rationale for “minting” about $2B delegate network currency built into the its interactive voice response system for the 2022 midterms in Iowa. (Rationale for the $2B Estimated Delegate Money Supply). It was just 2 days later that had to abandon that election cycle due to my wife entering into end of life hospice.

And I estimate Musk would pay about half as much tax as now. Warren would shit her pants.

Globally secured purely digital assets like BTC would highlight the fact that they are really not under the protection of any government. To some that is a feature not a bug. To others that is a bug not a feature. In any event, it would highlight the need for something more like my recent approach to “property money” – which is my attempt to come up with a sound basis for fiat money refining and extending the ideas in the NAT paper while addressing TFR more directly.

As people in the elites are wont to say regarding anything that might interrupt their rent-seeking:

“That’s a nonstarter.”

One of their favorites is to complain about expropriation, but that’s only the case for guys like Bezos – not Musk, who would make out like a bandit.


Musk interviews Netanyahu ostensibly about AI. Too little of serious substance* for me. The main value of watching it is the little one may impute to what these two profoundly influential individuals are really serious about. Neither are up to this responsibility and that’s the good news. The bad news is that among candidates for profound influence, they’re among the best.

*The closest the conversation came to being serious was Musk’s comment about civilization being preferable to living in a forest. But the problem with that comment is civilization is destroying the most economically valuable genes in the human population – a legacy that is from the forest. So, seriously, what good is civilization? If any two people should have talked about this in the context of technological civilization it should have been the richest man who, btw, has addressed TFR as a crisis – and the conservative leader of the only developed nation to have taken TFR remotely seriously.