Republican 2024 Presidential Candidate Summit with Tucker Carlson

Glenn Beck’s Blaze Media has posted a recording of the Republican 2024 presidential candidates’ forum held on 2023-07-14 in Des Moines, Iowa. The entire recording is eight and a half hours, but much of this is commentary by Beck and various pundits between the actual interviews. Here are the cue points for the candidate interviews with Carlson:

  • Tim Scott — 0:48:50
  • Asa Hutchinson — 1:42:00
  • Mike Pence — 3:19:00
  • Nikki Haley — 5:58:00
  • Vivek Ramaswamy — 6:50:00
  • Ron DeSantis — 7:46:00

Donald Trump was invited, but declined to attend.

The Babylon Bee published this post-mortem of the event.

Byron York provides this more restrained analysis in the Washington Examiner.

Here is Glenn Beck likening Asa Hutchinson’s appearance to the demise of the Hindenburg.

What struck me is that none of these “contenders” demonstrated the knowledge of facts and history, grasp on reality, ability to answer questions articulately and comprehensively, and human authenticity of Israel’s prime minister in the 2023-07-14 post, “Benjamin Netanyahu on War, Peace, Democracy, Innovation, and Artificial Intelligence”.


I had already knew this about Pence . But, boy howdy ! Tucker surely ripped his mask right off .