"Born Fighting"

Here’s something worth thinking about:

Why would a Democrat Senator from Virginia be so diametrically opposed in his views to The Deep State as demonstrated by Democrat Representative Gerald E. Connolly representation of perhaps the most powerful district in the US?

Understand that this is Tidewater country that Webb in his book “Born Fighting” describes as having been settled by the slave owning elites with a deep history of betraying the Scots-Irish military backbone of both the UK and, then, starting with the War for Independence from the UK, the US.

Just before Wall Street got bailed out instead of Main Street, then Senator Jim Webb was chosen by the Democrats to respond to George W. Bush’s State of the Union Address…

He was clearly positioned by the Democrat Leadership to run for the Democrat Party’s Presidential nomination once President Obama left office in 2016. Then, right on cue, in 2015, he achieved third place for Presidential Democratic Party nominee as a “Jacksonian Populist” – just as Trump was emerging as a “Jacksonian Populist” on the Republican side. Then, he abruptly ended his campaign:

And I know I’m going to hear it, so let me be the first to say this: I fully accept that my views on many issues are not compatible with the power structure and the nominating base of the Democratic Party. That party is filled with millions of dedicated, hard-working Americans. But its hierarchy is not comfortable with many of the policies that I have laid forth, and frankly I am not that comfortable with many of theirs. For this reason I am withdrawing from any consideration of being the Democratic Party’s nominee for the Presidency.

If you read “Born Fighting”, there is little doubt that had Webb won the Democrat nomination for President, henceforth it would have become intuitively obvious to the casual observer that political power depended on turning out the votes by Working Class Whites. Why? Because that demographic remains the numerically strong the heart and soul of The Spirit of American Independence.

Webb would have turned out the White Working Class vote for Democrats and won against Trump had the Democrats nominated him. Can you imagine Trump running against a 2016 Presidential nominee Democrat whose WSJ response to Trump’s election began with:

First, his administration should break the damaging “turnstile” that has given an unelected elite far too much power, particularly in foreign policy.

As physicists like to say, there is tension between theory and observation here:

The theory that a Virginia Senator prospect for Democratic Presidential election would represent the Deep State “turnstile”, and the observation that stands in opposition to that very elite.

“Born Fighting” provides a clue that becomes graphically visible in the 2020, heavily-armed showdown between the “Boogaloo Boys” and Curt Doolittle’s “Propertarians” during a Constitutional Crisis over the 2nd Amendment in Richmond Virginia:

Anyone who carefully thinks about “Born Fighting” will see how the Deep State could have engineered this confrontation based on the historic cultural tensions in Virginia.

Jesuit-trained Doolittle has stated that killing Europe’s whites in wars is the primary eugenic process that has made whites a powerful force in the world: “domesticating” whites by purging the genepool of criminals. “Born Fighting” describes such a view as the very essence of the tension between Anglican’s “top down” and Presbyterian “bottom up” ecclesiastical authority – a conflict that has its roots going back to before the creation of Hadrian’s Wall in the lowlands of Scotland. “Thank You For Your Service” is a modern travesty of the word “Sire” wherein ancient and legitimate elected “kings” would provide greater opportunities for the most heroic of their men to propagate their bloodlines by “courting” the best of their women. The only modern government that does anything like this is Israel that has taken pains to preserve sperm of their military as well as finding ways of incorporating women into its service in a way that enhances, rather than diminishes, the Israeli TFR.

“Born Fighting” provides a perspective that describes the historic tension between the Scots-Irish settlers that went straight from the Ulster plantation to Virginia’s Appalachian mountains, and the Tidewater British elites of Virginia.

This tension is between ancient enemies:

  • Authority born of the flesh blood and bone of We The People, vs
  • Authority born of Powers and Principalities of Darkness.

The former authority views group conflict, aka war, as dysgenic and the latter as eugenic. This is reflected in their respective ecclesiastical structures as “Born Fighting” describes in blood-soaked terms, going back to resistance to the Roman Empire hence the Church of Rome hence The Church of England hence the Episcopalian WASP ruling class.

“Born Fighting” repeatedly mentions the extreme “individualism” of the Scots-Irish, which stands in facile contradiction to their “warlike” nature, war being group conflict. But this “contradiction” ignores the contrast between overt and covert means of waging war – force vs fraud. That contrast is the essential difference between wars fought for individual integrity vs wars fought for group integrity:

In the last half of the 20th Century, Christianity itself has been subverted by Holocaustianity by an ascendant Zionist ruling class that “Born Fighting” obliquely discusses in Webb’s attempt to address the abuse of the Scots-Irish in mideast wars, and in the profoundly different “white” cultures in the US.

It was my being raised in the Christian Zionist faith of the Nazarene Church that made me acutely aware that I was being groomed to have my own patriline “eugenically” terminated in Mideast wars by our new elites, come the turn of the millennium. Hence I was willing to sacrifice my professional viability by repeated public warnings leading up to the events of 9/11/2001 that we had been deceived by the Powers and Principalities of Darkness and should stand down from Mideast wars offered to us as an opportunity to reclaim our honor after generations of Hollywood movies portraying our men as the scum of the Earth. Other than Ron Paul, Webb was the only prospective Presidential candidate who opposed this Christian Zionist “eugenic” purge of the Scots-Irish.

If you read and understand “Born Fighting”, you will understand 2 very salient things about our present situation:

  1. This is a religious war comparable only to The Thirty Years War for religious freedom.
  2. The flashpoint may very well end up inside Virginia, between the remnant of the Virginian aspect of the Appalachian Scots-Irish military backbone of the US, and the Deep State that is now in deep internal conflict between a Zionist elite that is realizing it must somehow recapture the loyalty of the Scots-Irish culture (despite having essentially liquidated not only Christianity but Holocaustianity in Iraq and Afghanistan), and an emerging Dravidian Deep State elite exemplified by Vivek Ramaswamy’s Presidential campaign against Zionist Donald Trump, by openly opposing affirmative action, that “Born Fighting” describes as the greatest single betrayal of the Scots-Irish by not just Democrat but also Republican elites: the very affirmative action that paved the way for a Dravidan capture of the US information infrastructure.
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For those who can stomach it CNN did include Webb in one Presidential debate between Democrat primary candidates:


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