Dome of the Rock vs Sortocracy

The recent breakout of violence in Israel demonstrates the betrayal of Zionist Jews by the Israeli government is similar to (although on a much smaller scale than) the betrayal of The Nation of Settlers by the US government. Both of these betrayals are bringing to the fore apocalyptic implications for Zionists whether Christian or Jew, that center on a tiny “territory” known as The Dome of the Rock and the siting of The Third Temple.

Ironically, many of what the ADL calls “virulent anti-semites” might actually side with Zionists in their, shall we say, “bid” for siting their Third Temple on The Dome of the Rock. Nor is this merely a rehash of the of “The Transfer Agreement”.

Let me explain:

I asked the infamous Craig Cobb, as he sat opposite across my dinner table, “Would you be willing to accept as fellow human beings those Jews who agreed you have the right to exclude Jews from your territory?”


Thus started a conversation that I’ve had with numerous “anti-semites” about Sortocracy: Sorting proponents of social theories into governments that test them.

I scare quote “anti-semite” in the context of Craig’s “Yes” not because I believe him to be sincere, but because I am willing to give him “The Benefit Of The Doubt”. While I understand there are many who consider “exclusion” (as in “the politics of”) from any territory, no matter how small, anywhere in the world, including stinking radioactive desert, “anti-semitism” if that territory excludes “Jews”, I most assuredly do not consider people holding such supremacist beliefs to be “human” in the sense of according them any “human rights”.

That’s Sortocracy’s “line in the sand.” Cross it and there can be no “Benefit Of The Doubt”. Just as they claim There can be no place for the politics of exclusion,” so I claim there can be no place for them.

Sortocracy is about providing a place for as many social theories as practicable so as to avert a rhyme with The Thirty Years War over quasi-religious beliefs in various ways of organizing human ecologies. But lest I be misunderstood, we are already in a rhyme with The Thirty Years War. Indeed we, in the West, have been rhyming with it at least since the spirit of The Treaty of Westphalia’s principle of Cuius regio, eius religio was sacrificed on the altar of “inclusion” (ie “religious pluralism”) with the specious notion of “Separation of Church and State” embodied by the impotent gesture of forming “The Royal Society” in the run-up to the apocalyptic year of 1666. The impotence of this gesture is visible, most catastrophically in the present day, as Britain is destroyed by immigration and stands on the brink of “rivers of blood” being shed over the Social Theory of Inclusion.

Oh, did I say “social theory” rather than “religion”? Come now… Don’t be obtuse. There is no difference when one takes the leap of faith that puts theory into practice by acquiring territory upon which to form a society.

After all, what does the scientific method purport to do when it “excludes confounding variables by experimental controls” if not take a leap of faith in the very act of conducting an experiment to test a theory? I mean you have just allocated resources in the belief in the expectation of some sort of value, if only information that reduces the need for faith. So… We allocate each other territory upon which to test our respective social theories, with only a minimal set of rules guaranteeing individual choice is maximally practicable.

Thus we stand-down from religious wars. Right?

WELL… Let us consider sacred territory such as The Rock as in “The Dome Of” over which various JudeoChristian denominations would have us believe there will be a Final Battle Between Good And Evil! I was raised in just such a Hell Fire and Brimstone denomination so I know full well the intensity with which this belief is held.

There can be only one!”

Only one religion that occupies The Rock of Ages, that is.

Here’s how things play out in the absence of Sortocracy:

Zionists, including folks that believe as I was raised to believe, mobilize the US military for The Final Battle against the Muslim world that may be in alliance with oil-poor China, as well as the torrent of military aged males that are being scattered to infiltrate every refuge in the US against “The Politics of Inclusion”. But there is a big problem for the Zionists: They expended much if not most of their Scotch-Irish Military Apocalypse Capital in the wars following on 9/11/2001!

Bad move, guys. REALLY bad move. What were you thinking?

While I understand some sort of deus ex machina may be waiting in the wings (other than the ordinary nukem till the glass parking lot glows) such as ethnospecific bioweapons or whatever, the damage that has been done to the West is unlikely to be undone by such a Final Battle.

On the other hand…

Here’s how a battle for The Rock of Ages, The Third Temple and The Millennium of Messianic Rule might play out under Sortocracy:

Each “believer” that accords with Sortocracy is reciprocally accorded their individual territorial value, which they throw into a collection plate shared by those who share their belief. This belief must be stated in a form that governs internal disputes. Since there will be internal disputes over which territories they should collectively value, these will be resolved. Resolution in hand, their collection plate’s value will be placed in bids for territory against other beliefs.

Places with gargantuan land values, such as Hong Kong, would receive higher per area bids than, say, that stinking radioactive desert mentioned previously. Likewise, locations with high sacred value to various religions will potentially receive higher per area bids the more believers there. I say potentially because there is no guarantee that any other beliefs will contend for that site – in which case it would not require much of the collection plate’s contents.

The point here is that by according each individual territorial value, we are admitting that people, throughout history, have engaged in wars over territory in large measure by putting people into a profoundly dysgenic mutual meat-grinder that cultures group integrity over individual integrity.

While there are a multitude of objections that may be raised to this mode of averting war, none of them, to my knowledge, has ever been raised in comparison to any alternatives without, ultimately, resorting to the abrogation of individual integrity for the maintenance of group integrity.

Haven’t we all had enough of the collectivist nightmare by now?

PS: See the Berkeley Professor Garrett Hardin for an example of the dying breed of scholar for whom all this was as obvious as the fact that the Emperor is stark raving naked as a jay-bird:


I’d like to understand you. I’ve read this twice. Twice and a half.
I’m from the same fire ‘n’ brimstone eduction you own. So I at least know the prophecies you mention.

ok so,what about the Dome of the Rock, specifically? How does “Sorotocracy” help us?
This was the site of the kingdom of David and Solomon, 1000 B.C. then, ‘long about the year 1, Jesus’ ministry and nearby) death are sited there. Then, some 620 years later, Mohammed has a dream that he went there, to this “rock” from which he launched into Paradise on a human-headed steed.
If we’re “sorting” religious claims, which of the 3 Abrahamic creeds has the superior claim?
I vote the Jews.
But they are the only ones not even allowed to pray there.
What specifically do you propose with regard to “sacred” territories?


Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough when I compared the secular value of a piece of land in Hong Kong to the religious value of a piece of land in The Holy Land in the following passage:

Let me illustrate the “collection plate” as the quasi-religious metaphor intended to avert what I called the “profoundly dysgenic mutual meat-grinder that cultures group integrity over individual integrity.

Let’s say I stayed in the largely Scotch-Irish Church of the Nazarene, convinced that one day I would be called upon to fight The Final Battle and that – somehow – I’d managed to make it past the ersatz Millennium 9/11/2001 wars without getting myself turned into maggot food and, amazingly, also not so alienated by the betrayal of my good faith that I decided I hated Jews in general and Zionists in particular.

So here I am, pure as the day I was reborn, ready to sacrifice my all as part of the Scotch-Irish backbone of the US military – especially if it is on behalf of “The Apple of God’s Eye”.

But, oh no! My doppleganger – you know – that other “Jim Bowery” has managed to impose his “white supremacist anti-semitic neoNazi*, etc.” “Sortocracy” on the world! What now?

Well, what I can do is join with other Christian Zionists in throwing our flesh, blood and bone into a “collection plate” belonging to, say, The Likuds – or whatever “party” it is that represents Zionists. The collection plate is counted in the only denomination of currency that counts in Sortocracy: The body count.

This doesn’t mean Israel must accept me as resident in Israel anymore than any allied nation must accept as residents any soldier that has laid down their life on behalf of that nation. But what it probably does mean is that a deal has been struck between Israel and the Church of the Nazarene whereby I can raise my children in accord with Hell Fire and Brimestone doctrine to, hopefully, healthy reproductive viability – excluding from their environment (cyberspace and meatspace) those people our belief considers too-risky to their development. Why, we might even ban TikTok from their phones!

So, how does Israel use this collection plate – including my very flesh, blood and bone – to gain access to The Rock of Ages?

Consider the legend of David and Goliath in which champion combat is supposed to avert unnecessary bloodshed (well, until one side gets all riled up and thinks they can go ahead and kill the losing champion’s side – but that’s another story), with one additional twist:

The land is divided up into parcels according to the body counts that various “collection plates” of various contestants are willing to “bid” for them. Some (like the aforementioned stinking radio-active desert) will have very low body counts from any collection plates bid for them. Others, like Hong Kong or Jerusalem, will have large body counts from several collection plates bid for them. In Jerusalem, there will be further subdivided parcels, at least one of which will be The Rock of Ages.

Please note the bidding dynamics here involve giving up body count that might otherwise go into competing for nearby land with “secular” value such as farm land. The alliances formed to acquire more body count for control of sacred sites has direct, here and now, consequences for vital statistics based on the technical capabilities of the respective “social theories” to turn land of varying value into people. Someone is going to be sacrificing carrying capacity for sacred value if they get too crazy about excluding others from sites that those others value as sacred.

Bidding, and negotiated agreements iterate until the optimal allocation of land is achieved to minimize body count in an actual blood letting over differences in belief/theory/etc.

* It probably bears mentioning that Wernher von Braun was involved with the Nazarenes.


The Dome of the Rock is not the “Rock of Ages”, which as far as I know is a metaphor for the eternity of God, the “Ancient of Days”. No religion venerates any stone as the “Rock of Ages” ( although I always thought Sardinia missed a great chance at the title).
It should (still) be called “The Temple Mount” IMHO for the historical reasons I stated.

And , while I venerate our mutual Scotch- Irish, steel bonnet, James Webb military heritage as much as you do, I can’t conflate it with the “Church of the Nazarene”. Where is Nazareth, pray tell? And where are Antioch, Bethlehem, Jerusalem, Damascus, Corinth, etc., the sites of the Apostles’ ministries? Christianity is a Middle Eastern religion in its roots.

You seem to be saying the Temple Mount is not the hill you wanna die on, which is quite understandable. I get that, it seems too late now. Is that what it boils down to?


“Rock of Ages” refers, of course, to the hymn so as to place a particularly Christian, as opposed to Zionist, gloss on “The Rock” in question. Nor am I attempting to claim any “identity” between Nazarenes and a particular ethnicity. What I’m saying is that Christian Zionism (Nazarenes being only one of several such denominations following on the Scofield Reference Bible) has served to indoctrinate the traditionally Scotch-Irish backbone of the US military to the Zionist cause.

The Temple Mount holds no particular significance to me except insofar as people I care deeply about are ready to die on that hill and I’d like them to have options to dying.


Thanks! Okay I get all this.


The late Robert Johnson once told me that to keep perspective he followed a variety of international news outlets including Al Jazeera, and saw a deliberate effort by the Islamic states to migrate and pack population into the Palestinian territories*. The purpose is to exploit the bug in the Westphalian nation-state (hence in the US Contitution’s notion of “States”) that freezes territorial boundaries regardless of the populations of those states – a bug that Sortocracy’s emphasis on territorial reallocation fixes.

The way things are going in the US, it may be that the only way out of a rhyme with The Thirty Years War is to replace the 14th Amendment with some form of Sortocracy so that white flight isn’t continually chased down with the fire power of the National Guard under the control of the “President”.

* This kind of thing is what one would expect of what I call a “deeper culture” than Israelis: Sacrifice population in a manner not unlike what was done by Ghandi to demoralize British occupation troops by sending up one warm body after another to take a beating, until the British had to either go hard core and start killing large numbers of people or give in to the demands. Jews have a history of this sort of thing when acting as a deeper culture toward Europeans: Elite Jews leave the larger Jewish population behind to take the heat, as the society collapses under the weight centralization that served to provide elite Jews the resources to, in effect, “take the money and run” to the next society. This deeper-shallower culture paradigm is something that has informed my view not just of human population dynamics but of life in general all the way down to bacteria mats that spread out in nutrients, with the inner cells expressing genes that, in effect, digest the shallower culture cells. Permitting the elites to get away with this is really bad evolutionary medicine as it tends toward virulence.