CO2 -> synthetic photosynthesis -> CH4 +H2 15% solar efficiency

If true – and if the cost of producing the necessary molecules can be brought down to commodity prices – this is a big deal*, and it means it becomes even more economic to start producing artificial atolls, as I described back in 2014.

* You don’t need to be an artificial global warming believer to recognize this. Indeed, the artificial global warming authorities – NGOs and GOs alike – don’t seem seriously interested in solutions. It’s sort of like the drug companies aren’t really serious about cures.


Cures do not require the eternal and ever-increasing budgets granted to “manage” problems. I discuss the distinction between managing, fixing, and solving problems in “The Eat Watch” chapter of The Hacker’s Diet.


One solution to the managerial state bias toward anti-solution is to turn a profit. However in addition to the obvious incentive that the managerial class has to put profitable business Solutions out of business and found fake Solutions there is something I just now ran into.

The managerial class wants mass hysteria about Solutions to raise the noise floor so one can’t find signals regarding real solutions.

Since the artificial atoll solution, which I seriously proposed – not just as a reductio at absurdum of the managerial lack of seriousness, although it is that – needs lots of graphene, a gap in that proposal is how exactly one produces so much graphene from in situ resources. These atolls are after all self reproducing from In situ resources as are exponentiating mitotic cells. So I just did a search on technologies to convert methane and hydrogen into graphene. While I haven’t spent a lot of time yet I was disgusted by the degree to which one must Wade through rhetoric about carbon capture without finding any substantive numbers on anything.