Congratulations on this 9/11…

…to the Islamists!
They succeeded spectacularly. There are many many more mosques in this country than there were in 2001–including one at Ground Zero itself, in line with the Muslim tradition of building a mosque on the site of a military victory. You see burqas and hijabs everywhere. Eid and Ramadan are routinely marked on calendars we buy. We surrendered to the Taliban and left them billions of dollars of military equipment. We gave free transport to —idk, thousands?—of military age Muslim Afghan men and released them into the US. Judaism and Christianity are routinely attacked and disparaged, even the Deism which is part of the very fabric of our founding documents is being excised.

The Red-Green alliance is and was real: the Islamists allied with the socialist Left and masterfully took control of the narrative.

Oh yeah, twenty-one years on , y’gotta hand it to ‘em.

I wish we had destroyed every mosque that did exist here in 2001. I wish anyone who dared to appear in the
garb of the enemy had been hissed and booed and
driven out of the public spaces in our country. That, at the very least, is why any other nation would have done. But oh no, not us, that’s not “who we are”.
Who then ARE we?
We’re the people who stick our own necks under the guillotine.


You surely know of this book that explores the Red-Green alliance in a hypothetical future Europe:

Of course, there’s a difference between Islam and Islamism, and maybe balance can be found.


Here is my 2017 review of Soumission.


A small cohesive MINORITY can sway the entire population: kosher food and automatic transmissions are 2 easy examples (credit author Nassim Taleb).
E.g: a manual transmission is simpler and more efficient in every way (using the greatest computer ever designed—the brain) but yet you’ll struggle to buy one.


I read Soumission in a non-English translation and found it had a better - though depressing - plot than the next novel he published in 2019 Sérotonine.

Have not gotten ahold of his most recent one: Anéantir . The “book of knowledge” mentions it’s first print came out in 300,000 copies (source). Impressive, given it’s apparently 700 pages long.


History says there IS NO BALANCE between Islam and ANYONE ELSE.

Hyp is right - the Muslims have been building mosques at the site of victories for hundreds of years. We’re Israel to do the right thing they would destroy the Golden Dome - as a sign of THEIR victory over the islamists.


There’s been golden periods of Islam:

Most societies tend towards theocracy. We’re seeing it right now with the rise of the woke zealots. Communism is also fundamentally a theocracy (focus on the Satan of capital, and the God of labor).

I’d say that some religions have an ability to co-exist with a civil governance. There’s not many places in the world where this is the case, but would love to know more about this.

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Yeah, yeah, it’s a big and an old world, and everything has happened at least once. They gave us algebra! They gave us the word alcohol! They gave us…idk…Al-jazeera!

But Islam was both a system of government AND a creed from its inception. I was born into a ‘Golden Age”.(mid 20th century) when Islam was pretty powerless in the world at large. (Yes, Dev, how I wish Israel had just destroyed that mosque on the Temple Mount after the 6 day war — oh, there mighta been some local unrest, but the world wouldnta cared, really. Now as they say, we have ALL been MADE to care about Mohammed’s nighttime hallucination.)
When the “oil crisis” of the 70s occurred, I was laughed at for saying that this was the beginning of a revival of the militarism and conquest in which Islam was birthed. Well? I was right,( though I say it as shouldn’t :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)
What I’m getting at is, y’hafta look at particular periods in history, not only at the creed itself. Of course Christianity had periods of militant aggression too, tens of thousands of people put to death in horrible ways for heresy and witchcraft. But right now, in THIS historical period, in most parts of the world Christianity stands for wishy-washy tolerance and self-obliteration.
Whereas right now, in THIS historical,period, Islam is militant again. Mebbe they HAD a peaceful scholarly “Golden Age” but NOW, they’re back in the Bronze Age, or worse, entering the Nuclear Age. I read that all religious revival movements start out by aiming for internal purification, it’s directed at their co-religionists who do profess the particular faith but don’t take it too seriously (now, THERE’s your “Golden Age”!) But then , the reformers take it global: EVERYBODY has to convert—or “submit”.
That’s where we are with Islam NOW, so I don’t wanna hear about algebra and philosophy and the Kingdom of Sicily, and I ain’t buyin’ the Leftist bleat: “They’re not ALL like that!”


In 2015, I wrote an article, “Islam and Political Freedom”, which combined data from Pew Research’s Religion and Public Life project and Freedom House’s Freedom in the World report for that year to examine the correlation between the percent Muslim population of more than 200 countries and territories and the degree of personal and political freedom in them, using the Freedom House broad categories of “Free,” “Partly Free,” and “Not Free.” Here is the summary table:


Note how bimodal the distribution of Muslim population is: there are far more countries at 80% or higher and 20% or lower than in the three intermediate quintiles. This got me thinking about the idea that Islam was a “strong attractor” in the sense that once the fraction in a country reached a certain point, its aggressive doctrine would drive out competition, including the notion of a secular state.

That, in turn, led to a companion piece, “Clash of Ideologies: Communism, Islam, and the West”, in which I argued that Islam was as incompatible with Western civilisation as totalitarian communism and should be dealt with in the same way the West defended its values and territory during the Cold War.


Tru dat, JW.
It’s funny though, because, if Judaism and Christianity are “Western” religions, then so is the syncretistic creed Islam. The Koran reads as if someone binged on the motifs from both the old and new testaments and then had a wild dream about ‘em. Which by all accounts is pretty much what happened.


EXCEPT that islam took fake versions of certainly Christianity and probably Judaism too. I have long contended that islam is an ideology with religious overtones. I used to say to my Guard unit that communism was our last big “enemy” and islam was our next.

Eggspurt points out there were “good times” with islam. There certainly are exceptions to every rule. I note that islam gave us the concept of “zero” - and how ironic that is. NO. economy of the past (and probably the present too) can withstand constant combat. Even islam had to take a break now and then. But its history is of inexorable conquest - when it could.

JW’s stats are revealing. From my side of the ledger, I have watched the wars going on around the world for a while. At any given time in recent memory, there are about 185-190 wars happening in the world. Fully 3/4 of them are islam vs someone else.

Back when the last Balkan War began (there have been so many, it is a bit hard to list them all), my mother was vehemently anti-muslim. Being a good little American, I would argue one has to give them. some room. I have come to understand she was right and I was wrong. Islam is an eternal enemy to every freedom-loving American and should be exterminated to the degree possible.


I would gladly give back the zero in exchange for the obliteration of every Mosque and the running through of every Muzzy on the earth. These Satanists deserve the hellfire awaiting them. They worship the devil and deny Christ’s divinity.

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Dev, mom is always correct.

And mark my words Hyp, these bastards will rue the day I am made Pope Patton the First.