How Electric Fields Transmit Energy

This video is a follow-up to the original video posted here on 2021-11-21 in “Does Electrical Energy Flow through Wires?” and subsequent discussion. Both theoretical and experimental demonstrations argue that electrical energy flowing in a circuit is transmitted by the electromagnetic field, not the flow of electrons (which, after all, quantum field theory tells us are just localised excitations of the electromagnetic field) through the wire. Starting at the 12:00 mark, there are beautiful simulations done with Ansys HFSS using a finite element model Maxwell’s equations in three dimensions which show the field propagation when a switch is thrown to complete a DC circuit.


This shows that what was “settled science” not very long ago was only advanced to greater elucidation of scientific truth, by those who bravely put forth what must have been - until recently - “misinformation”. Fear not, though. Soon we will be protected from such “misinformation” by the Dep.t of Homeland Security.


The previous video made me realize that electromagnetism was yet another of the giant holes in my limited understanding of the universe. This has led to some background reading in search of enlightenment. (OK, it is a pun). As the reactions to the first video show, this is not a simple topic.

Apparently, Maxwell himself took three bites at the cherry over a period of years, invoking ever more abstract models to try to explain the mathematical formulae he was developing. And then it took Heaviside after Maxwell’s death to “simplify” Maxwell’s theory down to a mere 4 simultaneous equations. Bottom line is that it is going to take a lot more study to fill in my giant pit of ignorance on matters electrical & magnetic. The referenced book (“Matter & Interactions”) sounds like it could be a good investment.

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