Kyle Rittenhouse found Not Guilty on All Charges

Justice is served.


Here is a press conference by defense attorney Mark Richards shortly after the verdict was announced.


I have to admit to a little surprise, even though the prosecution didn’t have a case, and seemed to do everything it could to lose the case. Had he been convicted, I would have lost the last bit of hope I had left. So I still have a bit left.


We really have to hand it to the Jury. They had gonad’s of steal to stand against the mob. They are now at risk . If your are the praying sort. Lift the Jury up for well being and safe keeping.


Maybe he should get an award. He was doing what the supposed authorities were refusing to do.


Riot Forecast

Kenosha: 90% chance of rioting with intense periods throughout the weekend.
New York: Rioting for vaccine passport holders only. Cocktails at de Blasio’s afterparty.
LA: Foggy with a 50% chance of brief, intermittent rioting. It’s too chilly to be outside for too long.
Portland: 100% chance of rioting. Every government building that hasn’t already been burned to the ground will be.
D.C.: Mayor Bowser will paint PEDO LIVES MATTER on Pennsylvania Avenue to honor the death of Joseph Rosenbaum. Rioting to follow.


I don’t know how much rioting there will be in Kenosha tonight or tomorrow. Apparently most of the crowd around the courthouse was there to cheer Rittenhouse. The people screaming “burn, baby, burn!” were a small vocal minority made to seem larger by skilled camera angles.

Maybe that explains why the governor called out the National Guard this time when he did not last time. Antifa and BLM are the paramilitary wings of the Democrats and he might have been afraid they would get plowed under if they did cause trouble. Had to have troops on hand to rescue them.


There’s no doubt that BLM & Antifa are the regime’s shock troops. Even a small number of them can create havoc if protected by the police. That was the pattern throughout the Summer of Love 2020. Most of the GoodWhites who took the knee for St. George of Floyd didn’t do the BLM (burning-looting-murdering). It just takes a violent minority to do the job as long as the police don’t get in their way.


Doncha think now, he’ll be federally charged, with sump’n like “ depriving his victims of their civil right to peacefully protest by killing them”?
If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.


BUT that’s always true. Revolutions usually are fomented by a relatively small segment of society. Look at Castro. When the MessedUp Media were extolling his “victories” he only had about 18 people following him.

The Second Civil War has begun, make no mistake. The Left has opened the war with the unanswered rioting/arson/killing. Cops have long been progressively demoted from legitimate law officers to mere revenoors. Now that the Left has started the active fight, cops are not “helpful” anymore, so “defund the police”: They are merely the last the alligators eat; they should have known better. Doctors are going that way soon, too.


Will you be taking the knee for he victims again, as you did for St. George? Those poor, poor criminals that the mean white boy killed.

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Yes, of course. That was precisely my point. It also works the other way; there’s no need to convince a majority over to our side.


Hello DrL! Still smartin’? I didn’t take a knee for George: as I related on Ratburger, as an exercise in the anthropological technique called “participant observation” , and frankly because it was better than sitting home worrying about my daughter being there alone, I attended, and I lay down flat for 8 minutes chanting “I can’t breathe!” (How quaint that sounds now!)

I’ll always be glad I did it; it convinced me of the fundamental good will of my fellow Americans, or at least Northeast Pennsylvanians. WHITE Northeast Pennsylvanians; the “crowd” to put it kindly, was all white.

Yes it turns out they were deceived by that videotape. Context is all. But they were there because they thought they had seen someone unjustly and cruelly killed.

About Kyle’s victims, I only know what I heard on Greg’s show: that allegedly one was a pedophile and the other also some kinda criminal. I’m happy it turned out that way, so he and we don’t have to feel he deprived the world of more valuable lives ,but I DO hafta say I don’t consider that relevant, do you?

Since Kyle pulled the trigger in self defense, he’d have been. Justified in doing so regardless of the character or past deeds of his assailants . If it had been an unprovoked summary execution, meaning he did not have a reasonable expectation that he himself was about to become the victim of deadly force, he would not have been justified in shooting them, no matter how morally repugnant their conduct and character.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Prostrating yourself is even worse than taking the knee. I was being kind. And I’m hardly surprised you’re unrepentant, now trying to recon your action as “anthropological technique.” The truth of the matter is, you were all in for burning Derek Chauvin at the stake before bothering to learn all the facts. And now he has been well and properly burned, in no small measure because of GoodWhites (h/t John Derbyshire). Congrats.

Be sure to wish Mr. Chauvin a happy Thanksgiving too!


Whoa! Really, Hypatia?

Chaperoning your daughter is understandable. Joining the mob is not. ):


Yes but it IS necessary to rally our side to actually fight, something we don’t yet seem to have accomplished. Much as you and I may recognize the war is on, the ones who control the cash don’t seem to. I can hope the raft of new blood running for Congress will be successful, but history doesn’t seem to support such hopes.

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I can only wish my (former) Leftist friends gave me half the creds you’re giving me. If they similarly misunderstood me, I reckon I would t be ostracized, as I am. But hey: I have a home HERE. Right? Or DO I?

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Yes, you do. Criticism isn’t ostracism.


Just FYI, Rosenbaum was convicted of anally raping 5 boys aged 9-11. It’s not alleged, he was jailed for it.

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