Modern Warfare

Western leaders backed Ukraine’s demand …

That is a rather expansive definition of “leaders” – considering that “Joe Biden” did not even bother to attend, Kamala Harris (she is US Vice President, for the many who don’t know) skipped out after the first coffee break, as did UK Prime Minister Sunak, and several others. And then major countries such as Brazil declined to sign on to the Ukraine’s demands.

Apparently, the Australian delegation was led by a bureaucrat of such low standing that no-one had ever heard of him. Basically, a bunch of low-level weenies from uninvolved countries got a nice all-expenses-paid weekend in an upscale Swiss resort.


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So just like the Chinese merc, it appears clear that no one actually wants this war. ?Why, then, is Z still pushing it. I sort of doubt it is in his internal interest, so we only have an external reason to continue this fight.

The question then is what external incentive is there to keep this fight going. One can only conclude a state actor wishes it to continue. As to the ID of such state actor, I think we all can see the footprints all over this country.

For me, the serious question continues to be why. ?What could our national interest possibly be. Russia has clearly shown itself to not be a reincarnation of the big, bad USSR. Yes, they have some nukes, the operational status of which may well be at serious question. I can only conclude the point is no different than it was in the Balkans - plundering the “country”. Russia IS rich in resources. If the CIA and their German and Austrian handmaidens could cause a “Balkanization” of Russia, they could then rob the residuals blind - cheaply. The only cost is money of the American taxpayer. Wonder what benefits the American people would realize.


Putin just wants to be loved by Russians…

Russians’ trust in their president dropped to a 14-year low of 28.3 percent in March 2020, though it would subsequently rise sharply after the full-scale invasion of Ukraine.


Great self-promotional video for the military industrial complex. It would be interesting to know the cost of one such interception. The hourly cost of flying any of these aircraft shown runs in the multiple thousands of dollars per hour - not counting amortization of the development or production costs. (don’t worry though it includes ‘jobs’ which are DEI certified and environmentally ‘green’ [not the green of our so-called money]).


Yes, as CW says, great propaganda. ?But what has all this to do with US. I recollect a Reg Flag exercise on our base where the stupid IG pushed the maintenance guys out on the pad to heat exhaustion - on purpose. I shut down the exercise for safety when my 4th heat exhaustion patient rolled into the clinic. I told the Base Commander this exercise was over, and that when the idiot IG could verify there were commies within 1,000 miles of the base, we would resume operations.

Once upon a time the military was basically a small cadre of Federal troops meant to be trainers were there to be a call-up. The bulk of the military power of the nation was in the various State Guard units. We have come full circle to some degree with the offloading of supportive tasks onto the Reserve component. So, eg., the Air Force no longer has any air refueling assets; they are ALL in the Guard.

After Desert Storm the Services were forced to pare down their size, if for no other reason than costs. Today’s Services are far more Reserve-integrated. That’s great! But we still do silly things like stay in NATO and spend our money to protect Europe. It isn’t an “all or nothing” proposition. We can be friends, and even come to their aid if needed, yet make them pay for their own security.

?Why are we the people willing to put up with this. There was once a threat of communism, but that’s pretty much now a domestic threat, as represented by the Democrat party, and to a lessor but still significant extent, by the Republican party. Bases in Kosovo, seeking to drive Russia into the basement, flooding OUR country with illegals are all unnecessary and unwanted actions by our “government”.


Long ago, there was a SciFi short story about a planet where the colonists had great problems due to very aggressive rapidly-evolving animals & plants continually attacking them. A peon sent from Earth to study the situation found that colonists who had gone native were leading happy peaceful lives in the middle of this dangerous jungle. It turned out that the vicious animals & plants were partially psychic and were simply reflecting the aggressiveness of the colonists.

This is not merely to say “Can’t we all just get along”. But perhaps the world seems a dangerous place to Our Betters because they are dangerous people who threaten & attack others.

It might be worth trying closing down those hundreds of overseas bases, reducing the armed forces to enough to protect the southern border, revamping the nuclear deterrent to discourage attack, and cutting the military budget by, say, 50% … to begin with. This could not be any worse than the situation Our Betters have placed us in today – and maybe we will find that the Rest of the World is a whole lot more friendly if we just leave them alone to make their own mistakes.


Here is what psychologists have long identified as “projection” That is, accusing someone else of exactly what you, yourself, are doing or wish to do. It is one of the - if not THE - most obvious strategic activities of the left. Someone just wrote an essay on this exact subject. I haven’t time just now to find it; it’s not the first time someone has pointed out what has become obvious. It, like most of the left’s unscrupulous, divisive and antisocial actions, would not be possible without the active and enthusiastic collusion of the MSM.


Lefties gonna be lefties. :crazy_face:


Must have barbecue accessory, for when your Boring Company flamethrower isn’t enough social media cred


This is just insane. Where’s the SMOD when you need it??


fify :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’ve been wondering this for years now. SMOD, you layabout, pull up your socks and do your job, &^T&^#$%@%^&!!!


Ukrainian commentary:

"The second use of a three-ton FAB-3000 M54 bomb (high-explosive air grenade) has been published. And again in Lyptsi area, in the Kharkiv region where the Russians find it very difficult to keep their positions.

It is worth noting that the second video shows the blatant inaccuracy of this air bomb. In both cases, the bomb didn’t hit the target, but at the expense of its power it caused damage to buildings.

In general, low accuracy is characteristic of the entire range of Russian bombs, from 250 to 1500 kg. But it has always been compensated by quantity. As for the 3000, there have been only individual applications so far, and we can’t talk about simultaneous mass applications.

Nevertheless, it is a terribly destructive force, which, even if struck sideways, does its bloody work.

Air Force. Aviation. Operational Tactical Missile Complexes. And approval to use them deep inside Russian territory without restrictions on their range. That’s what could solve this problem. "

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I know, right? What a slacker! :smiley:

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Ukraine and NATO is in total panic because of this new 3 tons TNT bomb.

Russia has showed the red-line and US is now backing down with what Ukraine can attack within Russia.

NATO will attack very soon but Russia is ready.

This is why they showed the FAB 3000 bomb.

Now what we can do is only to wait and see.

Give peace a chance?

NATO reply “No thank you”.

NATO is a business and selling weapons is the items on the shelves.


Ukraine’s air supremacy will address these bombs. Putin’s support in Russia is disintegrating.