More Amazing Results from DALL-E 2 and an Open Source Clone

“Giant rat in Smart Car dragster, color cartoon in Big Daddy Roth 1960s style”

DALL-E 2 didn’t pick up on the Smart car suggestion, but it did a fine job of emulating the style of Ed “Big Daddy” Roth.

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Change “Car” to “fortwo”.

“Giant rat in Smart Fortwo dragster, color cartoon in Big Daddy Roth 1960s style”

That helped—top right and bottom left are closer to what I had in mind, but neither immediately say “Smart”. The rats, however, are just fine.

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It seems to have a bias toward putting the steering wheel on the right of the car even greater than the bias toward putting the rat on the right.


“Bank of Venus traveler’s check, 100 Froon denomination, showing the cloudy planet from space, engraved color banknote”


“Family of four flying upward through the clouds in their atomic space car, Popular Science color cover, 1950s”


AI w/ sense of humor – green car has poor Mom in rumble seat!

HAL (err DALL) has arrived.



DALL•Ery Gall•ery has published a free 82 page book, the DALL•E 2 Prompt Book, available to read on-line or download as PDF, which describes in detail how to structure prompts to get the imagea you’re looking for and provides hundreds of examples to illustrate how specific qualifications in a prompt can affect the result.

Even if you’re still waiting to get access to DALL•E 2, this document will give you an idea of what it is capable of, suitably prompted.