“SpaceX” Scammers—YouTube Just Doesn't Care

While employing vast hordes of woke naïfs to police content and purge “misinformation” (the current term of art among slavers for anything that diverges from their narrative), YouTube (wholly owned by Google) can’t be bothered by identifying, labeling, and shutting down obvious scams which are using their platform to infringe trademarks of legitimate businesses, defame them by association with criminal activity, appropriate content produced by them without permission, and use this to promote transparent scams, committing international wire fraud. This activity has been ongoing for more than a month, and regularly shows up in my “Home” page on YouTube. Here are two posted today. I do not embed these videos to avoid circulating them further, but if you’re interested in seeing what they’re doing, you can manually follow the links below.

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEgMjgv4gPA, titled “SpaceX Launch Starlink Sats Mission! Elon Musk gives update on SpaceX! 02/23/2022”
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zBxTvEWiTpo, titled “SpaceX Launch Starlink Sats Mission! | 02/23/2022 | Elon Musk gives update on SpaceX! SpaceX News!!”

These are both purportedly “live” streams which, in fact, replay content from SpaceX public events in a small window at the right, and at the left promote a “double your money” scam in Ethereum and Bitcoin, with a tweet purporting to be from Elon Musk promoting the scheme. The viewer is directed to a site called “x2spacex.com” by a URL and QR code. The name of the YouTube account is “SpaceX [UP]” and uses a copy of the SpaceX logo as its avatar/identification. If you visit the named site, you see a page which appropriates the SpaceX trademark and logo and directs the viewer to the scam page, with a heading “5.000 BTC! Giveaway by Elon Musk. Elon Musk and SpaceX Foundation believe that blockchain will make the world more fair. To speed up the process of cryptocurrency mass adoption, We decided to run 5 000 BTC giveaway.”

The scammer domain is registered by “Regional Network Information Center, JSC dba RU-CENTER” at nic.ru, the Russian top level domain registrar. The domain was registered on 2022-02-15.

This scam pops up on various YouTube accounts, all of which are deliberately named to imply ownership by or association with SpaceX.

Aren’t you glad YouTube is looking out for your best interests as it filters and censors content?


Presumably, that is because YouTube is actively promoting the scams. Such involvement should not be protected by Section 230.

Furthermore, the gratuitous failure to police such frauds highlights that the political deplatforming YouTube does is not done in good faith and is also not protected by 230.


Google, like the mafia, protects paying “customers”. SpaceX is likely one of increasing numbers that are wise not to “subscribe” to Evil Google. God is good.


Nothing noteworthy as of 06/06/2022:


Wellll…it is f******k, after all. What does anyone expect?

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EU moves in:




Months later, the scammers are still at it, and YouTube has done nothing to shut them down. I just searched for “SpaceX”, looking for a livestream of the Starlink launch from Vandenberg tonight, and there were a whole bunch of them running at once, from accounts with names like “SpaceX CEO” and “SpaceX US”, promoting crypto scams, this time from a domain called “SPACEX-MUSK.ORG”, which was registered in Russia on 2022-05-04. The first of these has the following delightful title card, indicating the attention to detail of the scammers.


Be sure not to miss this “FONFERENCE”!

The “SpaceX CEO” account has this banner on its account page:

Note the use of the SpaceX logo and trademark.


Perhaps the next Falcon 9 booster to launch from Vandenberg can accidentally crash into Google HQ.


SpaceX could end this today by paying Big Tech mafia head, Google – but it is more fun when corruption of Google is revealed for us to see.



Here is a YouTube post by the “Tech Ingredients” guy about a YouTube scammer using a channel called “steve vannest” which was created on 2022-05-19, has only 84 subscribers, and has posted just one video. That video (I link rather than embed if you wish to view it), “Portable AC SYSTEM”, posted on 2022-05-21, has as of this writing, 3,697,758 views, growing by hundreds of thousands a day, and is apparently being promoted by comment spam all over YouTube.

The video is assembled from clips from videos posted by Tech Ingredients, and claims to show an “invention” by the creator of that channel, with a voice over in a British accent. What is being promoted is a “swamp cooler” which, of course, is fraudulently claimed to be an air conditioner, which it fraudulently claims is endorsed by Tech Ingredients.

The company responsible for making the product is in—wait for it—China. Their U.S. distributor claims no knowledge of the YouTube scam video. Tech Ingredients then reported the fraudulent appropriation of their content to promote a scam to YouTube.


But accidentally include five seconds of music playing on the radio while you’re recording a video and wham, it’s gone with a “content match” copyright strike.


How low can Google / YouTube go keeping this fraud up ??? Google / Youtube wouldn’t even think of promoting videos with big money from China ??? Yeh right.

More proof that Google = Evil .


Coincidentally, for the first time in my life, today I bought something from a YouTube ad.


No Section 230 in Australia.

Google/YouTube loses a defamation case in Australia:



Justice. Youtube finally pulled down video (see screenshot below).
Because of damages to reputation (millions of viewers pushed by Google), Tech Ingredients legal and business options going forward are:

  1. sue Google,
  2. move to odysee.com, Locals.com or Rumble.


Several times since yesterday, this McCartney scam has been YouTube’s top suggestion:

Clearly it has not been live for that time. And clicking on it leads to full crypto scam barrage.

It appears to be a low res ripoff of this old video:

This is a twofer: