The Flood of Science Spam on YouTube

Naturally, this video, blowing the whistle on YouTube’s complicity in foisting garbage “content” on an unknowing audience, was de-monetised by the Google subsidiary, which also continues to belch out crypto scams which use SpaceX’s trademarks and content every time an actual SpaceX Webcast is upcoming.


Complex issue tension between freedom of thought/speech and alerting public to bad and bogus science and other issues especially political, e.g., Ghoulgle, Fakebook et-al censorship of conservatives. This may be a Godel-like unsolvable problem.

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After playing the video on YouTube, the next suggested video was one of the Michio Kaku fakes.

The TTS is getting much better and harder to spot. It may take a few minutes for it to get to some thing that should be pronounced differently than it is written or where there should be a colloquial cadence. And then you catch it.

The same is true for the scam advertisements. One big tell for them is discussing numbers. They might pronounce “a one thousand dollars savings” instead of “a one thousand dollar savings” when the script said “$1000”.


I don’t get any content like this. And sometimes I wonder when I see videos like this. What is the poster watching that makes them get this kind of content.

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I get them much more on a device/browser where I am not signed in to YouTube.

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How can you tell thd difference with his videos? The fakes are less outlandish?


Among other things, his clips are old and out of context.

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