SpaceX Starlink Group 7-6 Launch

SpaceX plans to launch 22 Starlink satellites into Generation 2 Group 7 on 2023-10-29 at 09:00 UTC with two additional launch opportunities between 09:03 and 11:04 UTC (How do they do this?) and six additional backup opportunities between 08:06 and 09:45 UTC on 2023-10-30. The launch will be from Space Launch Complex 4 East at Vandenberg Space Force Base in California. The first stage booster, B1075, will be making its seventh flight, after a turnaround time of 34 days since its last mission.

SpaceX no longer streams their launches on YouTube, but exclusively on 𝕏, The SpaceX link for the stream is β€œStarlink 7-6 Launch”, but at present can be viewed only if you are logged in to 𝕏. I don’t know whether it will be generally available to the public when it goes live around five minutes before launch. At the top of this post, I have included the Space Coast Live stream from NASASpaceflight, which should cover the Starlink launch when it occurs. If a more specific Webcast is posted, I will replace it with that one.

Here is a pre-flight preview from Everyday Astronaut.

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The flight, landing, and Starlink satellite deployment were successful. I have put a replay of the flight, courtesy of SciNews, in the main post.