Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth - not crazy, but definitely takes years

Continuing the discussion from The Crazy Years:

A good starting page Study of Mathematically Precocious Youth | Vanderbilt University – links to current papers of interest the middle of the page, including the paper that prompted the sub-thread in the other topic (link here

SMPY follows in the footsteps of Terman’s initial study launched at Stanford. And here is a piece by Lubinski on what we’ve learned since Terman.

As an aside, Lewis Terman was an interesting character (link) and I can’t help but wonder if a similar professional trajectory would be possible nowadays. Given his preoccupations, should not surprise anyone to learn that his son is largely credited for being, along with Shockley, responsible for the success of the Stanford centered Silicon Valley.

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One of the interesting, though politically incorrect, findings of the SMPY studies of their cohort (source)

Note that the in the image below, horizontal arrows to the right indicate positive Z-scores on the z-axis, while arrows to the left represent negative scores on the z-axis.

Ignoring or - worse - demeaning or sabotaging the change to realize this tremendous human capital potential can be very costly for society.

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Never underestimate your enemies.

In particular, Reason Magazine.