The Crazy Years

Junior enlisted hell! I did plenty of that as an E-5! But I suppose that is still considered junior enlisted. USS Bulkeley (DDG-84), 2008-2010.


Yup that was exactly why I got out. I was transferring duty stations from NSA in 2007. I was also a trained cryptologist. In 2007 we were in the midst of “The Surge” in a combat zone where the killer of choice was IEDs detonated via cellphone. Well I happen to have specific training in tracking and jamming cellphone signals. So when seeking orders I asked to go to the Sandbox as we liked to call it. Instead I was sent to a ship because I had never been on a ship and this very serious national security threat be damned. Two years later I was a defense contractor actually tracking and supplying info to targeteers to neutralize the threat.




Why people are still denying the Truth of the Christian Bible I will never understand.


Wow! So in Ireland you can get a court order to prevent someone from posting negative things about you on Facebook. Yeah we live under the rule of law alright and it has become despotic!


From CT’s tranny story:

Her actions] were clearly intended to incite hatred and linked the plaintiff to child grooming and the sexualisation of children," said the judge.

So if I am a “clean” Catholic priest in this court’s jurisdiction I am going after every damned demonic leftist that says one derogatory thing about me, the priesthood, and/or the Church. Shove this ruling right down their throats, which let’s face it, they like it shoved down their throats.


“Somali culture night event” at Minneapolis school:

As one officer approached the southwest corner of the school, he heard gunshots and saw a muzzle flash near the intersection of Busch Terrace and Pleasant Avenue. The shooting suspect, another 16-year-old boy, was arrested and officers recovered a Glock handgun with a 50-round drum magazine, O’Hara said.

Three bullet casings were found at the scene, which was taped off by officers.

The school was having a Somali culture night event, student Teddy Klarkowski said near the shooting scene.

“We just saw people running through the street,” he said. “We heard gunshots, I wasn’t sure how many shots there were.”

A 17-year-old boy who was running with the shooting suspect was detained, but O’Hara said it’s undetermined if he will face charges. The chief was unsure what or who the suspect was firing at, or if the two caught were connected to starting the fight.

The stabbing suspect remains at large, O’Hara said.

Well, I suppose it was authentic Somali culture. The 50 round drum magazine on a handgun is a tribute to Somali marksmanship.


Apparently the bullet cores are in the victim and the shooter retrieved his brass.


Bullet casing” appears to be the emerging U.S. dimwit term for spent cartridge cases. Click the link for a sampler of uses of the phrase.

At least the article didn’t say the Glock had a “50-bullet drum clip”.


Geoffrey Marcy is a pioneer in detection of exoplanets orbiting stars other than the Sun. He was a developer of both the radial velocity and transit methods, which have revolutionised the study of exoplanets. His group discovered 70 of the first 100 exoplanets to be found, and in 2005 he shared the Shaw Prize in Astronomy for his work.

In March [2023], a group of 16 authors—including Marcy; lead author Lauren Weiss, a junior faculty member in the astrophysics group at Notre Dame University, and a former PhD student of Marcy; and Caltech astronomer Andrew Howard, a former postdoctoral researcher who’s worked under Marcy’s direction—posted a paper entitled ‘The Kepler Giant Planet Search. I: A Decade of Kepler Planet Host Radial Velocities from W. M. Keck Observatory’ to arXiv, an archive for electronic preprints of scientific papers in certain fields.

But if you visit arXiv to read the paper now, you can’t. It’s been withdrawn. Why? Was the data incorrect? Was the analysis conducted improperly? No. The problem was that Geoff Marcy’s name was on it.

Nine years ago, Marcy was investigated by his then-employer, the University of California, for behaviour that was described as sexual harassment. (You can read his take about the claims here, wherein he describes the infractions as resulting from him treating students as friends, hugging them or kissing them on the forehead if they related personal problems, and so forth.) It is worth adding that during his time at the University of California, Marcy also developed a record of working to promote a welcoming environment for women in science, advocating progressive university policies, and mentoring many female PhD students who subsequently went on to successful careers.

It is true that a University of California investigator decided in favour of Marcy’s complainants, albeit based on a (weak) preponderance-of-the-evidence standard. (And the low levels of due process that typify campus investigations of this type are well-known.) But even so, following the investigation, U.C. Berkeley recommended that Marcy should continue as a full professor, as he’d recently demonstrated five years of more careful behavior, which had elicited no further complaints.

Nevertheless, the online pressure against him became intolerable, and so Marcy eventually chose to leave his position voluntarily, so as to allow his colleagues and the department as a whole to get past the controversy surrounding his continued presence in the department. Grant sponsorship of his research ended, and he was removed from various collaborations. The Nobel Prize was awarded to Mayor and Queloz in 2019 for their work on exoplanets, but Marcy wasn’t included, in spite of the seminal role he and his group had played. In 2021, Marcy was ejected from the National Academy of Sciences, a shockingly severe response to behaviour that not only wasn’t criminal in nature, but which his university hadn’t even considered a firing offense. The pattern was clear: The imperatives of academic virtue signaling required individuals and institutions to publicly humiliate Marcy as a means to indicate their own moral bona fides.

(These remarks were published in a May 16th Science hit piece on Marcy’s reputation, whose author appeared to agree with those seeking to bounce Marcy from the author list. The torqued title: “After outcry, disgraced sexual harasser removed from astronomy manuscript.”)

The Science article also included a student’s extremely dubious claim that the presence of Marcy’s name on the author list would produce “potential psychological harm.” Specifically: “A lot of people in astronomy, especially a lot of women, are survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment themselves, so seeing your name next to his—seeing his name at all—can be extremely triggering for a lot of people.” At the risk of appearing insensitive, anyone whose psychological trauma is so severe that it causes them to be emotionally triggered by the sight of someone’s name on a publication is in need of therapy. More importantly, such personal sensitivities should not serve to award individuals with veto power on the appearance of bylines in scientific publications.

It gets worse. Read the whole thing.


I recommend revolvers to cut down on clean up afterwards.


High temperature (a result of tucking & binding) permanently sterilize baby testes, so this really isn’t innocent:

5% of the surviving males, 4-66 days of age at the time of exposure to the high temperature, were found after 18 days, to have irreversible bilateral testicular atrophy.


This is not a painting, computer rendering, or composite image. It is a photograph taken by Paul Tsui of Hong Kong on a street in Macau. He titled the photo “The Invasion”, which was subsequently published by National Geographic.

The building in the background is the 261 metre, 47 floor Grand Lisboa hotel and casino which opened in 2008.

The picture is looking at the side of the building, whose shape causes it to have the appearance of leaning toward the viewer.


This looks like a really badly implemented PR hit piece.

Most of the article provides evidence for pulse-based pasta to be more nutritionally valuable:

In 2020, Sophie Saget, a researcher at Trinity College Dublin in Ireland, analysed and compared the nutritional content of pasta made partly with chickpea flour with traditional pasta made with durum wheat flour. She found that the chickpea pasta contained 1.5 times more protein, 3.2 times more fibre and eight times more essential fatty acids.

Yet, the conclusion flips it around:

Despite a lack of research into pulse-based pastas, the wealth of evidence on the health benefits of pulses suggests that swapping pulses and other whole foods for pulse-based pasta won’t be as beneficial to our health as using it as an alternative to regular wheat pasta.

Can anyone explain the basis for this conclusion?

You can hire Jessica, the author of this piece, for “Consulting on content and PR strategies”. If you look at Jessica’s other crud, you’ll also see BBC spiraling downward.


Jessica can’t write clearly and probably can’t think clearly.

Perhaps we should have a thread entitled: “People most easily replaced by an LLM”.



Click the image to view a Twitter thread with videos of real-time and slow motion raw frames of the International Space Station transiting the Moon.


The strange aspect that makes it look like an alien ship is that the hotel looks very gray as if painted in (unlike the standalone photo). The relatively clear blue sky behind sends the message that the hotel’s coloration is not due to intervening smog but to having traveled across the galaxy.

Another issue is the apparent visibility of hotel room lights that should not be so bright.


The sky is blue, but not the deep blue of a clear sky (compare the blue sky in the picture of the hotel below in the post). It looks like the hazy “milky sky” we get here frequently, which often comes with a light haze that makes distant hills have a grey-blue cast. However, you can do a lot with the “Curves” tool in an image editing tool, and lowering the contrast of the brighter part of the image and keeping it high in the darker portion would enhance this effect.

On the other hand, the illuminated hotel windows in the picture below stand out pretty well on what looks like a clear sunny day.