The Propaganda Technique That Threatens Trump's Reelection

At 14:00 into this week’s Radio Derb, you can hear the audio track of the video propaganda technique that most-threatens Trump’s reelection.

It’s not some recording of him engaging in locker-room chat.
It’s not a recording of him having sex with a porn star.
It’s not him saying the N word.

It’s Trump’s before and after comments on his own political appointees starting, most devastatingly, with his comment on Jeff Sessions as Attorney General.

Why is that most devastating?

Because nothing matters now but deporting illegal immigrants.


What does Jeff Sessions have to do with immigration?

If you don’t recall, it was Jeff Sessions that was almost the ONLY voice in the US Senate for anything remotely resembling sane immigration policy, and, as Attorney General, it was Jeff Sessions to whom Trump should have turned for legislation during his “honeymoon” with a Republican-controlled House and Republican-controlled Senate in his first two years, before the House was lost to Democrats.

Sessions, as AG, knew what laws he needed to dismantle the treasonous Deep State (aka Uniparty) and the treasonous Conservatism Inc. that had conspired against more than a supermajority of the American People for an entire half century to replace them with more collectivist peoples. Sessions, as a leading Senator, knew how the sausage was made.

Trump, instead, hired his sleazy son-in-law to direct him with such gems of wit and wisdom as telling Trump he didn’t need to worry about TURNOUT of his base because “they don’t have anywhere else to go”.

Well, I’ll tell you what that means:

It means a lot of them are going to go nowhere on election day 2024 – not even to the polling place.

Trump blew it in the first 2 years of his Presidency.

At this point, the best hope for America is the emerging Dravidian Deep State elite that is displacing Jewish Deep State elites by exploiting their “Borders for me in Israel but not for thee in the West” hypocrisy to the point that India has won the cyberwar with forward deployed assets with root access throughout the West.

Vivek is probably the best hope for Western civilization now and I say that with no joy that Jews couldn’t get it together, as apparently Dravidians have, to recognize when they’ve won and then try to preserve their captured territory.


Who in Israel says that?

Not this guy:

Presumably, there are marginal cases that split. But the overwhelming majority will be those who support both plus those who support neither.

And those who support neither in the US sent their dirty tricks teams and your money to Israel to support Netanyahu’s opponents.


Perhaps you missed my repeated statements that Trump was the Likud candidate starting shortly after his Mexican rapist speech in 2015. And perhaps you missed my repeated questioning of Kevin McDonald about divisions not just within the Jewish Community but within the Zionist Jewish community. And perhaps you missed the fact that I have been a Pariah professionally and personally not just because of my so-called anti-Semitism but among many white nationalists because I have voiced support for Zionism in such platforms as red ice.

And I have done so all under my real name for decades.

Sorry if that comes on a bit strong but time is growing short.

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As I’m in a position of some influence in this critical time, so it grieves me when I make mistakes regarding the central role of JudeoChristian relations in Western civilization. There does seem to be a spiritual battle going on regarding Zionism, the occult structure of which I am blindly impinging on, and which impinges on me.

For example, I’ve had only 2 encounters with Israeli businessmen here in the US and both of them involved what can only be called Satanic influence. In the first case I’d advised an American business associate of mine in NYC to flee NYC at the start of the pandemic and go with his fiance to upstate NY to stay near her well-to-do parents. They instead went to Miami where he thought they had a source of support that evaporated when they arrived. His fiance went looking for work and was drugged by the prospective employer and videotaped as she “consented” to being sodomized by a baseball bat. She subsequently became involved in self mutilation activities with straight-up Satanists. The prospective employer was an Israeli. In the second instance an intermediary for a prospective investor prevailed upon me to meet with them and discuss investment in the spiking neural network LMU technology. At a dinner in an Israeli-owned restaurant, all Hell broke loose: The owner was having a birthday party at the same time, and had transvestites dancing for the crowed, a gorgeous buxom blonde came onto my intermediary dominating our table, a relative of the potential investor was approached by a transvestite and subsequently got into a drugged state resulting in a physical altercation. Everything fell apart with me having to return home, not even my travel expenses being covered.

This isn’t just weird; downright evil is afoot involving my only 2 contacts with Israeli businessmen in the US.

While this hasn’t altered my position regarding Zionism, it definitely has reinforced my position that there is some serious House Cleaning to be done, particularly with regard to Zionist influences in the US. It has also contributed to my grief over mistakes I make operating blindly within such a powerful occult battle.

So my apologies to the folks here for the mistakes I make regarding this battle… mistakes I know I make, blind to to its structure, occult as much of it must be.


No need to apologize. You are far ahead of others who don’t see the spiritual battle the humanity finds itself in. That’s the first step. The second is arming yourself accordingly. May Christ bless you and protect you.


As usual,I feel I hafta begin my reply to your post with “I don’t understand”. Surely the big thing about Sessions and his rift with Trump was his recusal over the Russian collusion slander? Yuh I agree he was strong on immigration AND I agree that NOTHING is more important now than getting rid of the illegal invaders—but back then, surely Trump remaining president was the sine qua non to getting rid of them? (As it is now (though I can’t imagine how he’s gonna do it, just too effing many thanks to Ol’Bygone’s “surge”)
And about the Dravidians. Are you talking about what’s going on in India, or are you talking about Vivek and Nikki here in the US?


India won the cyber war. It’s already over. Nobody talks about it because those who aren’t familiar with the industry haven’t a clue and those who are familiar with the industry dare not speak its name.


My gut agrees with you—there’s no question that India is pumping out computer/IT engineers with the requisite skills—but could you elaborate a little, particularly about the nature and stakes of the cyberwar, for my own understanding? Is it India vs the United States (or the West in general) or is it India vs the world? How does China factor into this? How do you see this ending?


Requisite diplomas. H-1bs were showing up at HP during DotCon who had gotten their CS degrees by “programming” on coding forms. It was an all out panic attack to get people from India into the US before the DotCon bubble burst, that overrode more than 80% of the consent of the people of the US – and I’m not just talking here about all we “spoiled American programmers”.

It was an absolute catastrophe, the scale of is now utterly buried forever hidden from “the narrative” of the information industry by conflicts of interest.


One of the attendees of the Dartmouth Artificial Intelligence Summer of 1956 was the only guy I wanted to hire as a consultant at HP during this massive DotCon infiltration and I was told I couldn’t hire him but I could hire all the H-1bs I wanted by a $500M project under the management of Rajiv Gupta who answered directly to Carly Fiorina. Gupta was called “The Dashing Rajiv Gupta” by the Wall Street Journal in its article about the project.

“The DRG” became a joke phrase among American programmers – but was all gallows humor for US national security.

People who don’t know about the Dartmouth Summer and about the H-1b law and about the DotCon bubble can’t even begin to imagine the obscenity we witnessed.


I’m still not clear as to the nature and goals of this cyberwar that India has already won with (from what I think you’re telling me) sub-standard skills and credentials. I am so black pilled about the West that it doesn’t take a lot of convincing for me to believe the worst, but it has to make sense. I do believe there is an existential cyber/information war going on, but I would have guessed that the Chinese were “winning” it. Please enlighten me as there seems to be an aspect to all of this that I’m missing. Thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:


FYI: I completely agree that the H-1B visa program is a complete obscenity and, quite frankly, traitorous. I could say more about how I feel, but I’d better not.

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Only in the sense that because of private capture of positive network externalities by network effect monopolies that plague the information economy, the resulting idiocratic management values quantity over quality – which is about as “productive” in software as it is in any field where theory plays a major role.

But there is an additional advantage to high volume, poor quality software:

The cyber attack surface is larger.

Now, imagine you are in a cyber war against the US but the main problem you face isn’t the US’s immune system – that was shot as of the 1965 Immigration and Nationality Act. Rather it is who has the most intelligence on that attack surface and/or who is in the best position to exploit (and/or fix) its security holes.

Would that be remote Chinese cyberhackers who had little or nothing to do with the creation of that pile of shit?

Or would it be the Indian programmers who shat it out?

Virtue of necessity!

And recall I started the above with “Only…” so that’s not even the worst of it.

Remember going hanging out with other people in downtown Palo Alto bars enjoying candle lit beers together during the “rolling blackouts” circa 1995? I do. That was before DotCon but NOT before Enron, which had major dealings with India and whose corruption is still legendary. Investigations require subpoenas of IT professionals about half of whom retained their Indian citizenship regardless of their US residency status. A fringe benefit to having “highly productive” programmers – and lots of them – you could assign sensitive jobs to the ones from foreign countries who were probably having their marriages arranged for them back home anyway with a fat dowry, and send them home when the going got hot. Fentanyl for corrupt US executives – addicting as all Hell – and great blackmail material!

Then there is the question of exactly how many “programmers” you need with root access to your nation’s critical information infrastructure before “national security” is just a phrase people use…

People like Donald Trump who, although he cracked down on the most blatant H-1b fraud, never remotely broached the subject of what it had already done to US national security – even as he expanded “legal” immigration “because our companies need those programmers!”

and so forth…


It wasn’t until a recent family event that I discovered the author of that opinion piece not only grew up in my home county but was a first cousin with whom I hadn’t communicated since my teens. To the extent I may have unintentionally influenced a IEEE president, it was almost certainly more influence than I’ve had on Senator Joni Ernst who is from my current area and whose Numbers USA report card grade on reducing unnecessary worker visas is F. Grassley is better and I would hope so since I detailed my H-1b horror story to him and he responded that he would do something about it.

PS: I’m not sure how I came to associate the term “outsourcing” with “offshoring” but IEEE should be encouraging “offshoring” relative to immigration.

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A little bird told me that part of the vibrant and quaint culture of the subcontinent is endemic kickbacks in employment, where managers with hiring or promotion authority, especially in government departments and large companies, demand cash payments from employees in return for hiring or promoting them.

Another little bird told me that this practice has made it to the tech sector in Silicon Valley, where managers rooted in that subculture hire employees similarly accustomed to it, and that some managers running this racket clear six figures in cash, untaxed, from a cut of the salaries kicked back by these employees.

I have no independent confirmation of these words from the birds, but it would explain the oft-remarked-upon phenomenon of a manager of subcontinent origin being named and, subsequently, almost all new hires into the group being co-ethnics. In addition, it explains a preference for H-1B hires over green card holders or citizens. A H-1B is essentially indentured to the company who obtained the visa for the employee, so such workers are unlikely to blow the whistle on the scam, as they could be fired and required to leave the country. Finally, it explains why some such hires who appear to be utterly unqualified and unproductive in their jobs are tolerated by their managers.


A programmer colleague of mine and VDARE contributor who passed last month, Randall J. Burns*, in 2007 wrote at VDARE about the economic incentives for corrupt under-payment of H-1bs that, in terms of dowry compensation alone is $100,000. He went further to use Charles Murray’s figures in “In Our Hands” to argue that a further $300,000 should be tacked onto the value of US citizenship which, if risk adjusted for H-1bs at 50% discount totals a quarter million dollars available to fuel corruption per H-1b.

*Randy and I met when he came down to La Jolla to do consulting work at Hecht-Nielsen Computing where he was instrumental in developing the first neural network credit card fraud detection system. When the DotCon bubble burst, he never worked again.


There is another dimension to this related to caste. For instance

This Carnegie Endowment 2020 survey provides quite a few insights that can help anchor this discussion (source).

For instance, support for the observation the 2000 Dot Com bubble accelerated the momentum that seems to have started in the mid-1980s (1986 amnesty?). A smaller peak observed in 1994, which could correspond to the 1994 Section 245(i) temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens.

The survey report includes quite a few interesting results.

Note social network clustering based on religion, region, and caste in this order.

Richer, more educated respondents are more likely to identify with a caste group. Thirty-six percent of Hindus with a household income below $50,000 identify with caste, but that share rises to 50 percent among households making between $50,000–$100,000 and 52 percent for those above $100,000. In terms of educational attainment, 48 percent of Hindus with an undergraduate education profess a caste identify compared to 43 percent with less than a four-year college degree.


Thank you very much for elaborating. I agree with everything that you said and it comports with my own observations and experiences in a technical field. I guess my confusion was over the use of the word “war” (cyberwar). I thought that there was some movement afoot in India (like there is in China) to destroy the West. What you are describing is the insanity of the Western political and business class to whore out our country and its institutions for their own short-term personal gain. I don’t blame the Indians and Chinese for taking advantage of this—quite frankly, they’d be crazy not to. Anyway, thanks for confirming my belief that we’re toast. I can’t begin to describe how disgusted and repulsed I am at how pathetic the West has become.


The concept of “war” is among the most important stages in the development of any moral* ontology. If my usage seems neologistic, I would point you to the book “Social Conquest of Earth” by E. O. Wilson who correctly in my estimation describes war as an aspect of the evolution of eusociality aka the culture of group integrity at the sacrifice of individual integrity. If that seems too much of a stretch, even though it is widely accepted that eusocial insects wage “war” in some “vague” sense, then I would point you to the more general definition of “war” in “The Art of War” and, more recently, “Unrestricted Warfare” by Chinese military theorists, ancient and modern respectively.

The point is to take sovereignty over a population – not necessarily to kill them.

My preferred aphorism in this vein is “Politics is the continuation of war by other means.” And, yes, I know that’s not what Clauswitz said. Eusocial insects don’t engage in “politics”.

* I suppose my family’s Quaker background plays some role here but if so it is probably because of the deeper Norse background of the Quakers in the Viking settlements of northern England. If that seems paradoxical, then one must remember that the first thing JudeoChristianization must do to civilize a culture of individual integrity is outlaw individual sovereignty, and place men under the command and control of a ruler who may not be judged a coward for refusing a challenge to single combat to the death. Quakers may in this regard be viewed as Vikings who, once JudeoChristianized, went on strike.