Why the US Push on Computer Chips will Fail

South Korea is out-investing the dismal West in high technology (and high-tech education too – but that is another story). So the even more dismal Biden* Mal-Administration is offering to spend money it does not have subsidizing a revival of the once-dominant US chip-making industry.

But there is a catch! Any investor who wants to take advantage of Biden* subsidies has to agree to hand back “excess” profits and to implement Biden* social policies.

Samsung’s announcement [of big investments in South Korea] came only a week after the South Korean government expressed its displeasure with the “unusual” conditions attached by the Biden administration to the CHIPS Act, which offers a total of $52.7 billion in subsidies and $24 billion in tax credits to companies that invest in semiconductor production and R&D in the US. …

On the social side, recipients must:
** provide employees with affordable childcare,
** create opportunities for minority-owned, veteran-owned, and women-owned businesses,
** use iron, steel and construction materials produced in the United States, and
** use unionized construction labor.

Samsung plans world’s largest high-tech chip cluster – Asia Times

Anyone want to bet on the likely outcome?


US suicide by a thousand cuts.


This is what happens when you let the 1984 class of Skull and Bones run the world with a Syracuse flunky as the face of the empire.


This reminds me of the discussion in this other thread regarding the hoops SpaceX had to jump through in order to secure the use of the Boca Chica launch area.

Some of the items are just absurd and at first glance appear to mimic the Van Halen brown M&M story (link)
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