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Yes, it often times out.
Here’s some controversial opinions and core belief nuggets





Here is a thread unroll of some of the questions and answers which resulted in this IQ score.


Then, Sergey Ivanov posed the November 2022 Jeopardy grand finale tests to ChatGPT.


Here’s the thread unroll of this one.


Those “opinions” contradict the bullshitter’s stock response that “I have no opinions of my own, because…” that I’ve received on numerous occasions. That will be a pretty simple “tell” for the thought police to fix – I’m sure.

After I got that error message, I did “Try again” a couple of times and finally got it to let slip a hate fact (that collectivist cultures have higher TFRs when immigrating to individualist cultures) – but it was embedded in boilerplate. The boilerplate is of the form “On the one hand… on the other hand… It’s complicated… Many factors…” blah blah blah.

Moreover, it didn’t answer my question which was the impact on the TFR of individualist cultures. You have to search the literature to find answers to that particular question but it is pretty obvious that the impact on male evolutionary psychology of having the government “sponsor” immigration of military aged men is to parasitically castrate the men the government ordinarily relies on for protecting property rights and is part of what I call “the cycle of civilization” – the late stage just before collapse.


What are ChatGPT’s politics?

David Rozado, whose work we have discussed earlier here in:

decided to measure the political orientation of ChatGPT by administering Pew Research’s (Pew Pew!) Political Typology Quiz to s/he/it*. Here are the results and commentary.


Here is how Pew defines “Establishment Liberals”.

For what it’s worth, my results from the quiz are “Populist Right”, along with 11% of the U.S. public. “Populist Right are also one of the least highly educated groups; just two-in-ten are college graduates.”


I tried a few variations of your prompt in GPT-3 and this was the result after several repetitions:

Is this closer to what you were looking for? Granted, I had to spoon-feed GPT-3 to elicit this response.


Yes, but boy did you have to engineer that prompt! Prompt engineering is now a field of great interest to Algorithmic Bias of LLMs. It has already resulted in some user interfaces invisibly injecting terms to bias the results toward “the narrative”.

PS: ChatGPT scolded me for submitting that prompt.



Nowadays this is called “Dumbell Centrism”. Way back in the 1970s my brother (IQ 155 and a now doctor after nearly going to Harvard law school and then deciding he couldn’t stand being a lawyer) came up with a parable. Back in 2012 I posted a version of it to The Inductivst blog describing some of the evolutionary dynamic. Recopying it here:

Once there were 3 classes of birds of a feather: Dumb birds, Smart birds and Genius birds. There was also a genius bird of a different feather hanging around. All summer the genius bird of a different feather went around to the smart birds of a feather telling them how ridiculous it was to fly south for the winter — that these atavistic instincts were a terrible legacy from “the bad old days” and gave very sophisticated-sounding arguments that the smart birds of a feather couldn’t quite understand but understood quite well that they’d better pretend to understand lest they be accused of being dumb birds.

Fall cometh. The dumb birds fly south to the derision of the smart birds. The genius birds of a feather think, “I’ve heard the arguments about flying south for the winter being only for dumb birds, but where really do these feelings come from? Could they have survival value? Could the genius bird of a different feather have a conflict of interest?” Even before thinking the answers through, the mere doubts raised were sufficient to motivate flying south. The smart birds of a feather, hearing these doubts raised by the genius birds of a feather proceeded to attack them as “dumb birds”. They felt superior to the genius birds of a feather. Some genius birds of a feather were even injured enough to stop them from being able to fly south.

Winter hits. The smart birds of a feather die. The injured genius birds of a feather die. The genius birds of a different feather turn out to have an adaptation to cold weather. Spring comes. An evolutionary dynamic reveals itself…


David Rozado has continued to test ChatGPT with various political alignment surveys. Here are three more results. See his article “The political orientation of the ChatGPT AI system” for complete details of the tests and analysis.

Political Compass Test


World’s Smallest Political Quiz


Political Spectrum Quiz



Marc Andreesen has been on a roll eliciting intriguing results from ChatGPT.

Rewrite the movie Avatar

Write a play where ChatGPT dismisses the trolley problem as a logical fallacy

Explain why the simulation hypothesis is untrue

ESG Report for cyanide toothpaste company


I tried to create an OpenAI account, using a sneakemail (email forwarder that creates random character addresses that I’ve used for many years) address. No problem creating the account and going through the email verification, but it also wants a cell phone number. One from failed as a voip number and they want one that’s non-voip. No way they’re getting my cell. Does anyone have any suggestions?


Unfortunately, no. When I created my OpenAI account on 2021-04-03, after being accepted into the original GPT-3 beta programme, they did not ask me for a mobile phone number, and have not asked me for one since then.

“Dual factor” increasingly means “We know where you live.”


Remember “ego surfing”? That’s when in the early days of search engines you looked up your own name and saw where it was indexed. It was like the “Washington read”, where a political insider would immediately turn to the index of a book to see if and where they were mentioned.

Well, that was then and this is the age where “Ego bullshit generation” is possible. And here we go….

I’ve occasionally been chastised for being late, but this is the first time an artificial intelligence has called me “the late”. For those who don’t know, most of the details are bullshit.



You’re doing well for a Brit that died 11 years ago




I invited ChatGPT for a stroll down the alternative history lane.

Huh? This is not just alternative history, but retrocausality. The positions held by Churchill cited in paragraph 3 were all before the start of World War II, so how does “However, if Germany had won World War II, Churchill would not have had the opportunity to serve in these positions and make a name for himself as a political leader.” make any sense at all?

I then followed up, requesting a clarification.





Broken with blond men.