June 27, 2024 US Presidential Debate Live Blog

Join us here tomorrow at 9pm EDT.

As a teaser, keep checking the prediction markets on Trump’s running mate:
and the election overall:



Given these spreads, is there an arbitrage opportunity on the prediction market for the US presidential election?


I’m terrified. I keep thinking, Bygone cannot possible be as demented as we’ve been led to believe, or they wouldn’t let him do this. And taking Adderal or something will keep him awake, but it won’t impart any substantive knowledge to him.
The Dems have to have rigged the thing somehow to their advantage; maybe by colluding with CNN about the questions. Why not? They did that in 2016, and look what happened to Donna Brazile, the leaker: she became a Fox News contributor! No, tonight is gonna be like the 2022 midterms. We’re slavering to see Bygone cut off t the knees, reduced to gibbering—and—I don’t know how they’ll do it, but—I’d lay odds that ain’t gonna happen.
Till 9–


I’m not sure why Trump agreed to a debate with no audience and press

This is not a real debate. This is a test for Biden: will he be replaced immediately or in September?


I’m flashing on that Star Trek episode where Kirk had to fight somebody on another planet ( wait, was it Spock?) and McCoy asked if he could give him something to compensate for the oxygen-poor air, and actually gave him a shot that made him collapse in a few minutes. WHY am I thinking of that?!?!
Aaargh—8:59 PM, here goes nuthin’…….:sweat:



but also consider:


Whaddya think? Bygone loox awful and is slurring….i don’t wanna jinx anything :crossed_fingers:


Oy vey! SMOD, where art thou??


Probably not unless you have inside information



Well…it went great, but… now that the Dems are actually pretty much deciding to jettison the bozo, I’m skeert they will put in somebody relatively younger….maybe Newsom? Maybe Michelle 0?
Or MAYBE Clinton??! (Not that she’s younger, but she has been chompin’ at the bit…) So….be careful what you wish for……
Oh but Trump did SO well, it was glorious… Bravo our Don!


This whole situation reeks to high heaven. These candidates haven’t been nominated by their respective parties. I understand the exceptional circumstances but isn’t this unprecedented?

Seems like a setup of some kind.

If I had to guess the psychological war tactic it is related to the way “Boomer Bad” has been visited upon the culture by both the left and the right – which would tend to indicate the enemies of the nation of settlers (enemies who I believe to be behind that meme on the right) are planning on peeling off a lot of young men who are having a hell of a time affording a family and aren’t thinking clearly as a result. “Kill the spoiled boomers!” could end up being the implicit Democratic platform all the while saying they’re the ones protecting the “entitlements” while they expand all “entitlements” to anyone that random NGOs – sucking at the Fed tit – convinced to invade the US. Pay no attention to the distinction between people who have been paying a regressive tax their entire working life with the promise of an “entitlement” at retirement – and someone fresh off the boat saying “Where de white wimiz?” being “entitled” to all that and more.


Interesting. No, I didn’t watch, was well past my bed time, and I’m not a citizen.

But I think you’ve hit the nail on the head: Neither party has had its national presidential nomination circus resulting in official nomination of a candidate and running mate. Smacks of yet more show trial, possibly deck-clearing for a main event (national party nomination circuses) to be held having eliminated both ‘Boomer’ candidates.

We’ll see.


It is an interesting question, because there really isn’t a clear frontrunner and not a lot of time left for the nomination process. Traditionally, an incumbent President’s nomination for a second term is automatic

Newsom is young, he also has a California track record…a negative one. Kamela is a big nope (polling very badly). Michelle “Big Mike” Obama has stated she doesn’t want it and I think I believe it. Clinton lost the last time she went up against Trump and that will cast a shadow.

Best bet would probably one of the Democratic State Governors in a State that is neither CA or NY. After a quick search I see:

  • Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker
  • Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer
  • Colorado Gov. Jared Polis
  • Pennsylvania Gov. Josh Shapiro

Of those, I only name recognize Whitmer. If they want to go that route they’ll have their work cut out for them.


Social Security and Medicare and VA benefits are entitlements because recipients pay into the system and are entitled to benefits

Everything else is a handout.

Food stamps
Section 8 and public housing
And etc


Polis is gay and progressive

Most competent one in the list you provided

I doubt he will be the replacement. He is young.

Plus a gay candidate is not electable. Maybe in the future, hopefully not.

Black and Hispanic men are not :rainbow_flag: friendly. Religious folks obviously.

Most Americans are tolerant but tolerance is not advocacy.

I predict the replacement will be Kamala or Gavin.


Could be, especially if the power brokers decide that whoever runs for the Ds is a sacrificial lamb. Second chances in US politics are rare and can’t be counted on and that would be a good way to get rid of Kamela. OTOH, Kamela is polling really badly. If they pick her it would be obvious that they aren’t trying which may have other repercussions.


I’m not putting money on my predictions.

Democrats don’t want Kamala but if they ditch her for a white guy , will black women be upset?

Let’s pretend Gavin is the nominee will he promise to have a black woman running mate?